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Laurie Anderson

"a great sonic shower"
Jon Hassell

"In these times when a massive amount of compressed information bombards us at every turn, this music decompresses. It's truly music for the soul and a music for our time."
Maria Schneider

“Still Life provides a non-ordinary musical space for a calming meditational experience."
Dr. Pauline Oliveros

"a work of profound beauty and simplicity - a musical companion to Thoreau's Walden"
Jim Pugh (Steely Dan/Chick Corea/Philip Glass)

"While traveling from strange room to room on tour this "Still Life" was a soothing companion I would look forward to meeting each night."
Gerry Leonard (David Bowie/Duncan Sheik/Spooky Ghost)

"As a society we are constantly encouraged to live as fast as possible, cram millions of activities into our days and maintain high quality output through it all. Still Life's remarkable music reminds me how important it is to be deliberately slow sometimes. The tremendous peace I get listening to them is like sonic spa treatment. Brilliant!"
Jim Donovan (Rusted Root/Solo artist/educator)