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September 2007

Composer/musicians Nelson Foltz and Tom Lynn announce the release of their latest recording on the independent Stillsounds label.

'Still Life - volume three' is the fourth installment in the Still Life series which began in 2004. It follows volume one, Interlude and volume two in an attempt to create unobtrusive music that is organic in character as well as origin. Influenced as much by musical innovators such as Jon Hassell, Gil Evans and Sheila Chandra as by the conceptual work of artists Andrew Goldsworthy, Frank Gehry and Paul Klee, Foltz and Lynn draw inspiration from their everyday sonic environment and expand upon it with the use of non-electronic instruments both household/found and traditional. Their desire is to create soundscapes that blur the line between natural and man-made.

The opening of volume three emerges from an almost vaporous state and slowly congeals into a glistening watery atmosphere. A subtle heartbeat pulse appears amidst this texture with layers of accompaniment being added over time, allowing for exploration into the meditative aspects of rhythmic entrainment. The piece transitions gradually into an environment intentionally designed to create the sensation of levitation, eventually resolving into a panoramic aural landscape where the listener can simply float.

The emphasis is on subtlety and multi-layered textures that gently develop over time while maintaining a unified mood throughout the duration of the piece. This is partly accomplished through the selection of instruments, both familiar and unusual, that are played and recorded with a sometimes unorthodox approach. Household/found objects such as wind chimes, a poster tube and a half filled bathtub are used alongside more traditional instruments such as zither, tibetan temple bowls, trombone and an armenian doudouk in an attempt to provide a fresh listening experience. Equally important is the amount of time given for ideas to grow and develop naturally without feeling forced or contrived. The end result of these efforts is a lush sonic tapestry that is unique yet rooted in ancient and timeless sounds.

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