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In reviewing Volume Three of the Still Life series I mentioned the clean, elegant packaging. Well, this thin green-on-black envelope that is Still Life Volume Two managed to slip between other CDs to review and remain unnoticed for a year before I just rediscovered it this evening in November 2007. Foltz and Lynn have a unique style that is difficult to review, as long drones and abstract sounds slowly evolve over the course of any particular album. Though the approach is sonically quite similar on each Still Life release, each individual album nonetheless has characteristics rendering it a unique, worthwhile addition to the series. This volume starts with drones so resonant and deep that even on my PC speakers it threatens to overtake me from the rich bass vibration. It softens considerably later on, even adding some light touches of percussion. The duo proudly claims that no electronic instruments were used in the recording, and this one does sound less ambient than Volume Three, with more of a feel for the avant garde or perhaps even modern chamber music, with just a splash of jazz. Though technically not an electronic music release, EM fans with diverse tastes should find this quite enjoyable.

Phil Derby / Electroambient Space