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Still Life is the duo Nelson Foltz and Tom Lynn, who state on the simple cd-cover that no electronic instruments were used in this recording. This seems to be their third album (formerly they made “Volume One” and “Interlude”), featuring a sound experience which doesn’t emerge from silence but from every day life, as explained on their site (where two soundbites of the album are available).

What we've got here is an album with one uninterrupted track of 51 minutes, which can be classified as reflective, intelligent drone/soundscape music. Next to some slightly distorted sounds one also encounters airy textures. At the 14 minute mark some kalimba sounds enter stage, later on joined by more repetitive rhythmic structures, trumpet and trombone which make the composition take shape. This is subconscious, trance-inducing and well-thought introspective mind music.

Bert Strolenberg